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Promoting best practice is a major element of

Below are some tips and guidelines to assist you in completing your case study before putting it onto the website.

We need an overview and introduction for your case study not a press release. We want to read about your journey warts and all. The learning you share and your reasons behind taking the approach you followed makes it real and will be of use to you as a promotional tool and provide business benefit to other organisations that are investigating or developing a project between the housing and social enterprise sectors.

Please view the case studies below to provide you with a better perspective of how the case studies look.
Staying First Expands Operations
Knightstone Buys Local

If you require any assistance with your case study contact Andy Collins

Explain what the case study is all about

This is where you tell people;

  • Who – you are and you’re partner/new company etc.
  • Why – did you come to the decision
  • How – did you come to the decision
  • What - did you do to get the project started

Please use a maximum of 150 words in this section

  • What are your main objectives within this project
  • What are your partners main objectives (if applicable)

Please use a maximum of 5 objectives

This is the section where you tell the story of the project and where you are now in relation to your objectives.

If applicable please include quotations.

Please use a maximum of 500 words

The results are divided into 3 sections.

  • Economic Results – for example financial outcomes, savings made, number of new employees etc.
  • Social Results – for example the number of volunteers, qualification gained by the participants, how many people have completed the course? Especially if they are your tenants.
  • Environmental Results – for example how many tonnes saved from landfill, how much CO2 tonnes saved etc.?

Please use bullet points so that these results are clear and easy to read

This is one of the most important areas. It is vital that all of the aspects of learning are available. That includes the areas of the project that you would repeat and the areas of which were not as successful and would not use again. Sharing your best practice will help others to get more right first time, to look out for the pitfalls, to see where successes can be made and encourage more learning they can then share as a result

With a maximum of 150 words Next Steps

What is next for the project?

  • Is it time limited if so what is planned for the future
  • Is the project going to expand the services it provides
  • Is the project going to spread into new geographical areas
  • Is the project going to increase their workforce/volunteers?

Names, email and phone number

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If you have a good story that deserves to be told then please send it. This could add to your case study. It provides the positive nature of the project and promotes the success of developing the project and gives independent perspective from someone outside of your organisation.

There is no word limit for this section but as guidance approximately 500 words works well