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Placeshapers is a network of more than 100 housing associations. Between us we own more than 725,000 homes and provide services to more than one million people.

Every member of PlaceShapers has signed up to these principles:

  1. That we put our residents and customers at the centre of what we do and ensure that they have real influence on how our organisations evolve;
  2. That we provide more than simple landlord services because we care about the people and places where we work;
  3. That we recognise the importance of the local authority role and support all of our LA partners in improving and shaping places at both a strategic and operational level; and
  4. That we believe there is strength and benefit to residents and stakeholders in maintaining a strong, independent, diverse, non-profit making sector.

To see what Placeshapers do view the video below

Place shapers video