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In 2014, HACT worked with Simetrica to create the largest bank of methodologically consistent and robust social values ever produced (known as the Social Value Bank).

The values can provide a basic assessment of social impact, provide evidence of value for money, and compare the impact of different programmes. These values can also be used within a full SROI or Cost-Benefit Analysis. Access to the values and guide information about how they can be applied are freely available from HACT’s website.

In early 2015, HACT developed Value Insight, which is an online software programme, built on the same platform as their popular online Community Insight mapping product.

Value Insight gives users the opportunity to understand, measure and map the social impact of their community investment activities and their impact on the local economy. It automatically applies relevant values from the Social Value Bank to your results to assess and measure the social impact of your community investment.

HACT are happy to advise you on the tools required to understand your communities’ needs, and measure and map your impact.  To find out more you can visit the HACT website or call 020 7250 8500 to find out more.

Both Value Insight and Community Insight are subscription services. Free demos of the products can be arranged at your offices. To find out more please use the following links:

Find out more about HACT’s social value work

Find out more about Value Insight

Find out more about Community Insight

Visit the HACT’s main website

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